miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2007

Electronic Workbench

Este es el Electronic Workbench v.5.12, aunque en el ceti no dejan muchas tareas de software (por lo menos no a mi) nunca esta de mas tenerlo para checar si resolvieron bien un circuito, los requerimientos no son nada del otro mundo: S. O.: Win 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003; 256 MB de RAM requeridas, 512 MB recomendadas; 1024 x 768 es la resolución recomendada. DESCARGA AQUI
Y dado que ya son varios los vatos que veo con una Mac le dejo tambien una opcion, se llama solveelect y funciona en OS X 10.4 DESCARGA AQUI

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Ing tedO dijo...

sube programas que es en lo que mas batallo y batallaba

Fucking Bill dijo...

voy a ver cuales encuentro

Anónimo dijo...

hey yo kiero contribuir para darles mis tareas :P ya k tanto trabajo me costaron!! a donde las mando o kep :P

Fucking Bill dijo...

hola puedes mandarlas a mi mail:


Recuerda incluir una breve explicacion sobre de que materia es y ya si se puede el maestro.
Toda contribucion es bienvenida

angela sabina dijo...

hey pues gracias :D
a mi esto no me sirve de mucho de las tareas, ejem el work bench lo vi desde primero je je
total sigan las tareas que la de termo me srivio jaja chidooo :)

Anónimo dijo...

Li Wei sharp edge: Aggression is adverse because training is inadequate,intermittence period does not have reason to loosen
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On one round of peaceful amounts to guest field battle to make the same score Liaoning, and same - the Shanghai that starts 6 minutes explain flower criterion conquer oneself adversary, can be this amounted to to peaceful bring pressure? To this, the Li Wei that fastens others to understand this adversary more sharp edge say: "Talk not upward pressure, the leg that sees us will tell, this dichotomy that we take is crucial. Be opposite especially Liaoning these 1 minute, be very promote morale. Before Benchangbi is surpassed, of all media forecast apt Liaoning team, say we are defeated surely undoubted, because they are in first-run match guest field 4 than 2 gained rich strength, [url=http://www.stmarysmumbai.com/cheapairjordans.aspx]cheap air jordans for sale[/url] assault force is very powerful. But we were not defeated, and we still prevail slightly on occasion. Watch instead explain flower, the 2nd although be guest field, but they follow to Zhen Shenxin in Shanghai advocate also distinction of it doesn't matter. Be in Shanghai that city, without giving thought to explain beautiful club is who is being done, explain the flower has most fan from beginning to end, because they have a tradition,have the fan culture that has formed. Because they have a tradition,have the fan culture that has formed..
Peaceful amounts to two field matches to be hit into a ball only, and of the goal still is this world of full back Cao, this let the attack line that people amounts to to peaceful generate certain doubt, to this, li Wei sharp edge call a spade a spade, one's words is sharp, "We were created in the match very so much that extension meets, but did not enter finally, I feel this is luck problem not just, however the shoot training of forward is too little, forward serves as an archer, have attendant on the responsibility that holds a chance. The shoot that why says Li Jinyu, Han Peng, Hao Haidong is good, they are not to rely on the clever light on field to show suddenly, lean however at ordinary times training, and after training impose practice. But the forward team member of our team, the condition that imposes practice is unpopular. Aersi was in last year when classics regular meeting imposes practice, this also explained why he can be attendant aspirant 13 balls, someone says other player created opportunity of a lot of goals to him, but the opportunity also was created to others, why others is not entered, this also is the problem that is worth to think. This also is the problem that is worth to think..
Peaceful amounts to a few problems that the corps exists to had risen to surface after two matches, so the training in this intermittence period with respect to be of exceptional importance, "Other team is to have a holiday 3 days, our team is Zhou Yiling morning returned Tianjin at 2 o'clock, have a holiday one day to begin to train, our reserve force player, reserve player just returns Tianjin later yesterday today, began to train, why can you have such arrangement? I think other team and player can be loosened, but the reason that we do not have any relaxation. " Li Wei sharp edge says. (Responsibility edits: Wang Fengxiang)